We are pleased to announce that the voting has begun for our first ever online event.  Anyone can participate in this event and it is open to men and women.

The donation amount can be whatever you are comfortable with.


We have collected short videos from the 3 selected charities to present.

The presenting charities are:

  • Headwaters Healthcare Friendship Gardens
  • Alzheimer Society of Dufferin
  • Orangeville Food Bank

If you with to participate in this event, please follow these steps;

  1. Watch the video
  2. Vote for your preferred charity
  3. Pledge an amount you are going to send the winning charity
  4. Stay tuned for the winner announcement Nov 6/20
  5. Send your donation directly to the winning charity.


The concept is that if we all give a little, it will add up to a lot and the charity will be able to deliver services to benefit more people in Dufferin County.

100 women x $100 = $10,000