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  • Each member/ team agrees to donate $100, four times per year, for a total donation of $400 annually, which will be given directly to registered charities serving Dufferin County.
  • Any member or non-member may nominate a charity.   At our events, three nominated charities will then make a five minute presentation to the group.
  • Each 100WWC member will vote for one of the three organizations at the event or by proxy if she cannot attend.
  • The organization receiving the most votes will receive the group donations of potentially $10,000.
  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization after they have donated.

  • Memberships are a yearly commitment but can be cancelled by sending an email to

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We often hear that “It takes a village” and that “There is strength in numbers”. As a member of 100 Women, I get to experience the impact of a large group of women coming together to combine donations into one single gift. When we receive the feedback from our previous gift recipients we are able to hear first hand how much a large donation can benefit a charity. The meetings are only 4 times a year and are short and to the point. Such a simple concept yet it yields extraordinary results.

Lorna Buck

Mono Resident

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