Can I join 100+ Women Who Care Dufferin?

Absolutely.  We are thrilled to welcome new individual or team members who are looking to impact the community.  To be a member you must commit to donate $100/meeting x 4 meetings a year to the winning charity.  Each member gets one vote each event.  If you would like to join and want to split the cost you can join as a team.

To sign-up as a team, each member must complete a Membership Commitment Form on which she will indicate how the $100 donation will be distributed between each member of the team. There is a maximum of 4 people allowed on one team.

As a team you are allowed one vote, but all members can attend events.

How is the charity organization chosen?

A member or non-member may submit a charity nomination form up 3 weeks prior to a scheduled event.  The charity will be asked to fill out a Charity Consideration Application.

At random, three organizations will be selected 1 week prior to a scheduled event.  The charity representatives will give a five minute presentation as to why the organization should receive the donation and then spend about two minutes for Q&A. The membership will vote on the charities to determine who will receive the funds. One team = one vote   One individual member = One vote

To nominate a charity submit a Charity Nomination Form to the Executive no later than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.


Are Donations Tax Deductible?

Absolutely! Only registered, charitable organizations will be eligible.

Cheques are written directly to selected charitable organizations and not to 100+ Women Who Care Dufferin at each event. Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization after they’ve donated.

Tax Receipts

Please ensure your complete address is on your cheque or in the MEMO line. The tax receipt will be issued to the name on the cheque – the woman’s name if a joint account. If you are paying with a business account, please make a note of the member’s name. Please do not fill anything in the ‘Payee’ line of the cheque as the recipient will be decided upon at our meeting.

If your donation is to be made in cash, please donate in an envelope with your name (and, if applicable, the name of your team) and address on the envelope. We ask that one member donate on behalf of a team in order to make this process easier. For teams, the person that writes the cheque or donates cash will be issued the tax receipt.

Can I send the Donation to the Charity on my own?

The goal of 100+ Women Who Care Dufferin is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group. We want to be able to support this endeavor and provide a substantial amount at one time for a cause!  We also need to be able to track your donations so that you get credit for the donation and remain an active, voting-eligible member of the group.

How long do the meetings last?

We value your time and events are kept to a minimum.  We aim for meetings no longer than 60 minutes.  We do encourage you to network and meet fellow members before the event.

Can I bring a guest?

Of course, the more the merrier. You are welcome to bring a friend or two and let them see what it’s all about. Guests are free to observe and contribute a donation if they would like.  In order to vote, she would need to sign a Membership Commitment Form to become a member.

Charity Representatives: How to Prepare to Present your Charity?

The presentation should be no longer than five (5) minutes. It should include the following information:

  • What is the name of the organization?
  • Where is the organization located?
  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • What purpose does the organization serve? (Who do they serve? What do they do? How do they do it?)
  • What direct service does your organization provide Dufferin County residents?
  • How will the funds be used in Dufferin County?
  • What other sources of funding does the organization have?

Sponsors for 2022

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